Stokesley Masonic Hall

The Lodges and Chapters that meet regularly in Stokesley Masonic Hall are listed below.
Should you wish to attend their meetings you will be very well received. Other Masonic groups meet here on various occasions. The Hall is available for use for non-Masonic events. Information can be obtained by contacting:

The Secretary - Stokesley Masonic Hall
80 West Green
North Yorkshire

If you require further information on a particular Lodge/Chapter contact The Secretary of the Lodge/Chapter you are interested in at the above address.

Information on Cleveland Lodge & Dundas Chapter is on this website. Just click on the links.
Mainstream Craft Lodge Meetings Installation
Cleveland Lodge (543) Monday nearest FM, Sept May, 7.00pm Jan 4.30pm
Captain Cook Lodge (4636) 2nd Friday, Oct Apr, 7.00pm Oct 6.00pm
Stokesley Council (247) 1st Thursday, Apr, June, Oct 7.00pm June 7.00pm
Yarm (9544) 2nd Thursday, Jan, March, Jun, Sep and Nov, 7.00pm Sep 6.30pm
Dundas Chapter (543) 3rd Tuesday, Jan, Mar, May, Nov, 2nd Tuesday Sept, 7.00pm Mar 7.00pm
Captain Cook Chapter (4636) 3rd Friday, Jan, Mar, May, Nov, 7.00pm Nov 6.30pm
Mark Lodges
Cleveland Mark Lodge (1040) 1st Friday, Feb, Mar, May, Oct, Dec, 7.00pm Oct 6.30pm
Stokesley Installed Mark Masters Lodge (1711) 3rd Friday, Apr, June, Oct 7.00pm June 7.00pm