Our meetings are held on the Monday nearest the full moon in the months from September to May and start at 7.00pm (4.30pm in January)

In 2024

All meetings start at 7.00pm prompt apart from 4.30pm in January.
23rd September
14th October
18th November
16th December
Cleveland Lodge No. 543 - 2024 Meeting Dates
Cleveland Lodge No. 543 - 2024 Meeting Dates

In 2025
Annual Festival and Installation meeting is at 4.30pm prompt on Monday 13th January 2025.

All other meetings start at 7.00pm prompt.

Dark suit
White shirt
Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge or black tie
White gloves

Initiation: 40

Joining & rejoining: 5

Annual subscription : 170 (including meals - apart from Installation meeting)


Increasingly members are electing to have summonses of meetings and associated correspondence emailed to them. This is a convenient and cost saving method for the Lodge. To enable this, just contact by email requesting this facility.

Masons from other Lodges who visit us regularly can in a similar manner request that summonses of our meetings be sent to them by email.


Within the Lodge, we pride ourselves on performing ritual to an extremely high standard ,to enhance the enjoyment and understanding of all candidates and visiting brethren.  We believe that although not the most important part of our work, if something is worth doing, it should be done right!

After each meeting, we hold a meal known as the Festive Board where we can relax socially, make new friends or catch up with old ones.
Unusually for lodges in the area, our annual subscription includes the cost of 3-course meals at 9 of our meetings, making joining us very competitively priced!